A Show / A Public Conversation / A Participatory Civic Planning Adventure

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 days


first, after a good post rehearsal talk tonight, tuesday
i've been thinking alot about making certain that the final questions, the ones on the clipboard that the audience respond to, and that the performers speak back the responses...
that these questions have the space for as much or more positive imagining as they do negatives/challenges
a slight change to these 4...

What’s a question you want people who plan our cities to think about?

What's something you heard someone say in the last hour that sticks with you?

Twenty years from now, what do you want to be able to say about the place where you live?

As cities get more crowded, what can we build that help strangers become neighbors?

and then,
and cast/creative team
help me with these
these are the statements for the big polling section-
what do you think of these?

I live in a
House I own
An apartment I rent
A condominium I own

I take public transportation
One-three times a week

I talk to strangers -
With regularity, with nervousness, with great curiosity, not so much.

The last time I shared something deeply personal in conversation was- today, within the last week, within the last month, I can’t remember

The last time I argued with someone was- today, within the last week, within the last month, I can’t remember

I want the place where I live in ten years to be- more sustainable, more comfortable for me, more equitable for others, more beautiful

I am comfortable talking about my personal values

and, use the comments section here to help me find a couple more
that help us move from the content of the double room, to the conversations in game three...

suggest a few new statements/questions for the polling, would you?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Close

Join us this week at dress rehearsals, or this weekend for the show itself

details to the right

questions we found for the final section of the show include:

What question would you want someone who will plan your city to think about?

What concerns do you have about living in a city twenty years from now?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Question for the team

Cast, Design team, collaborators

I have a question for you

we are working to figure out, right now
the ending of the piece
the questions that, after a year of work, make the most sense to ask audience members as the event is culminating

So if the context is
the audience has been in an hour long conversation with us
and we want to ask some clear, smart questions that bridge the personal, the imaginative, and the specific
in relation to choices, and vision

questions they can respond to concisely, without needing a lot of words to express a response

what might some questions be?

one i toss out is-

Thinking about people I will never meet,
but who live in a city we share,
it is important to me that people have access to-

that is a fill in the blank statement-
you can do that, or a straight up question

use the comments on this posting to add to a list of these-
Please, take a second and add at least one today.

Others not involved in the project, feel free to add as well

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

join us tonight!

Tonight Tuesday August 26 & Thursday August 28
join us at the Discovery Center
to play the game and help us prepare for the show

Come if you can, and come on time
For map and directions: www.southwaterfront.com/discovery_center

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tomorrow- Saturday- 2-4pm

The Future of Housing in Portland
A workshop/discussion

Play our new civic planning game
meet some fascinating community members

join us!

see the info on the right side of this page...

Interviews this week

have been fantastic

Monica from Sisters of the Road came on Tuesday

Robert Liberty from Metro and Rick Potestio came last night, Thursday

each night folks come, we learn about their experiences
we also get the experience of inquiry- of pursuing conversations and taking them in directions that we are moved to explore-
we are being given the gift of uninhibited curiosity
which, rather than quench our thirst for knowledge
makes us more curious

The interviews begin with me asking questions, but move to a group interview fairly swiftly.

Monica spoke with us about her work and the responsibility we all have for each other.
Robert spoke about the need for sustainability and the history of redlining.
Rick spoke about real estate and the economy of materials and changing neighborhoods.

We have also begun to play the game, the civic planning game that we use in the show, within these research evenings. Thats a great exercie for us, and our guests seem to enjoy it.

We want to move our growing curiosity out into our audience- we want to infect them with curiosity and make a space for figuring. And complications...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tonight, Sunday August 17- Come play

we are going to explore a new version of the civic planning game we have developed for the show

we'll be playing at 6pm tonight at the discovery center

we could use a few extra folks to play if you have an hour

come on down